The Miracle-Ear Mission is a partnership project between the Miracle-Ear Foundation and local Kansas City Miracle-Ear franchise owner Tiffany Davis. This one-day special event at Kauffman Stadium is seeking to dispense 300+ free hearing aids (over $1,000,000 in hearing aids and services) to those within the Kansas City metro area who lack the finances or resources to gain hearing help.

Meet The Team

Tiffany & Dan Davis are St. Louis natives who grew up in the city and have a passion for giving back to their local communities. Tiffany & Dan have deep Missourian roots in the area that have made it possible to bring this dream project to life. Their passion for this huge project has elicited great partnerships with local celebrities, corporations and a huge commitment from their Kansas City staff and their families.

Our Mission

To help individuals and families live fuller and richer lives through the gift of sound. To spread awareness about the Miracle-Ear Foundation program and the resources available within the Kansas City metro area for those in need.